The Edmonton Pet Parrot Association (EPPA)

Mission Statement: To educate ourselves and the general public about the care of parrots.

The next EPPA function is the regular monthly meeting

April 25 at the Allendale Community Hall (6330 - 105 A Street) from 7 to 9:00 p.m.

discussion: our 4th Annual Parrot Show on April 28 at the Sands Hotel from 10 am to 4 pm

New Members Welcome Yearly membership (Sept 1/17 to Aug 31/18)
$25 for single and $35 for family.<

For more information, contact any member of the EPPA Executive:

President: Ian Sprague

Vice President: Roger Pelletier

Secretary: Shawn Freeman

Treasurer: Janine Couture

Past President: Louise Walden

The EPPA focuses on aspects of keeping happy, healthy parrots.

At our meetings, you can get helpful information on topics such as nutrition, health, and behavior. We have guest speakers, research reports presented by members, toy-making sessions, and round table discussions on topics of mutual interest. Members are able to bring their parrot(s) to meetings. We always have time after the main meeting for people to visit with each other and their parrots.

If you have a parrot, or are thinking of getting one, join the club.
Membership entitles you to attend the monthly meetings, participate in our parrot shows, attend the June BBQ and the December Xmas party, and much more!

Come to a meeting, if you like what you see, pay your fees and get your membership card right at the meeting.

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