Bree ... a Senegal

Belongs to ... Susan & Keith

Bree : 3 yr old Senegal Parrot Male - Bree { a.k.a. the flying dragon} when he is out likes to do fly byes past the other cages and scare the crap out of them {they all start to scream} except Captain he ignores him. Bree likes to sit on top of Zorro's cage and feeds her while see is inside her home. Bree can say a few words but does not try very much because I think the other bigger birds make him nervous. Bree like captain is {to Keith} is completly attached to Susan. She can do all kind of stuff like flip him upside down, put him on his back and rub his head {his eyes will close and he sometimes fall asleep}. Bree likes the play tree, he uses it as a lauch pad to do the fly byes. He will give kisses and say "love you" and even will snuggle on Susan's shoulder and use his foot to show her where to scratch his head.