Chloe ... Pearl Cockatiel hatched April 2005

Belongs to ... Hugh & Karen

In June 2005 Chloe joined our flock. Chloe is sweet, loveable, curious little girl and loves life. Chloe is the bath queen and is comical to watch her turn almost inside out to catch every drop, while Chico tries get as far away as possible. She does her "beautiful me" routine, stretching out her wings and tail while hanging off the perch. Whatever she can get into is her favorite place to be - a bath in a bowl of milk and Cheerios, picking at anything beaded, perching on the star on the Christmas tree, hiding in the tree at bedtime, helping vaccum and other household chores. Her vivacious personality has even charmed her Vet. Chico calls her when she strays too far, so I know when she is into trouble. They love to fly around the house and are beautiful to watch, as they bob and weave calling to each other. Chloe sits on the diningroom window and often has a downy woodpecker outside to visit her, following her back and forth along the sill. Chico and Chloe love to spend the summer days outside watching and calling to their many wild bird friends, playing on their toys and tree branches, and eating treats from their own organic garden.


They love greens of all kinds, beets, chick weed, sweet potato, corn, carrots and tops, broccoli, nuts, eggs, apple and pineapple juice, wild berries from the woods, herbs, millet, flax seeds, apples, cheerios, turkey, pasta, rice and beans as well as their regular food. Chloe especially loves anything I am eating. We have a hard time keeping her off the Christmas turkey!

We could not have imagined how much joy these two little birds have brought to our lives and our home. They are so precious.