Nahahni ... a congo african grey

Belongs to ... Kathy

Nahahni was hatched on April 11, 2006. She was purchased from a local pet store after I witnessed mean young adults poking at her with a long talking toy. She seemed very sad and aftaid of people all the time. I would visit her often before buying her. I would see a scared bird who wanted nothing to do with the people talking to her, BUT, she came to me and let me scratch her head. There was no question about it, I had to take her home and so I did.

She is very bonded to me. In fact, she won't let anyone else near her, but not from a lack of trying. She just wants nothing to do with anyone but me. She doesn't really even care for other birds, but we are working on that, as well as trusting other people, by bringing her to the EPPA meetings at times and over to friends homes. With me, she is sweet as can be and butter in my hands - or is it the other way around.

She has a huge vocabulary for her age and talks a lot. Some of her favorite things to say are, "love you", "you brat", "go poo", "what did you do", sing "Ew ee ew ah ah, wing wang walla walla bing bang", and make laser shooting sounds and bomb dropping sounds. When I ask where my monkey is, she says in a monkey way, "ew ew ah ah ah ah". She is a funny bird who loves to play and make lots of funny sounds to her amused family.

She unfortunately can not fly. She did have her wings clipped when I bought her at 8 months old, but they haven't been clipped since. She shows no flying ability at all. Unfortunately, I think she was clipped too soon, before she was fledged. Despite this loss of an ability all birds should be allowed to learn, and her fear of people, she is a very happy bird and shows it in her play and her love for me.

She is a sweet baby and I am glad to share my home with her.