Your Bird NEEDS his own Web Page!

Participation in "our Flock" is optional, though we'd love to see everybody participate. No special skills, and almost no time, are required. Just a couple of simple steps and your bird will have his own personal web page on our site!

What we need you to provide is:

  • Picture of your bird
    • either in printed or digital format. Can be in either landscape or portrait format.
    • give prints and information to Louise at the meeting. We'll process and return it at the next meeting.
    • send digital prints and information to EPPA for quick processing.
  • Birds name and species
  • Couple paragraphs of Birdie Bragging
  • Your first name(s) and last initial (we don't ever do last names)
  • Your phone number (in case we have a problem with the picture or text)

More than one bird? NO PROBLEM! For each bird that you'd like to include just provide their information. The more the merrier! All that we ask is that they are your pet birds, and if a breeder you don't include babies unless you intend to keep them for yourself.

If you've questions please contact Louise at EPPA or 466-7273.