Avian First Aid Information

Veterinarian Phone Number: Keep in a handy place

Emergency After Hours Veterinarian Clinic Phone Number: Keep in a handy place

Basic Items in First Aid Kits for Birds includes the following:

The most important factor in keeping your bird safe from harm is prevention. Avoid:

Emergency First Aid

General Conditions Requiring Veterinarian Care:

Traveling and Carrying Your Bird:

Even if you are only traveling across the city it is important that you carry your first aid kit with you. Bring additional water and food with you. If your car breaks down or worse if you are in an accident the first aid kit and additional supplies may save your bird's life.

Recognizing Signs of Illness:

As a responsible pet owner you should constantly monitor your bird for signs of illness. Most birds instinctively hide illness as long as possible. This is a survival tactic in the wild. Familiarity with your bird's healthy behavior, feeding habits and droppings are the key to early detection and treatment of illness.

Additional items to keep on hand:

Plants Harmful to Birds