Member Sites

At this time we have only a few member sites available:

They are listed below in alphabetical order (by domain name).

Aparrot4u Louise
Meikas Birdhouse Ian & Janine

If any other members have web sites, please contact us at EPPA and we would be pleased to include your site here.

Other Sites

Domain Who it is Type of Information Budgerigar World Magazine Companion Parrot Magazine Grey Play Round Table Magazine Parrot Magazine Magazine Pictures of ParrotsPictures of Parrots Aves International - breeders Parrot information University of Georgia Dept of Avian Medicine Blue Macaws Hyacinth, Lear's, Glaucous, Spix macaws Calgary Parrot Club Calgary Parrot Club Edmonton Humane Society Edmonton Humane Society HealthGene Corporation DNA-based sexing, fingerprinting, disease testing Foundation for the Preservation of the Hyacinth Macaw Hyacinths Budgie, cockatiel owner Budgies, parakeets & cockatiels Lovebird owner and breeder Lovebirds Avian mall and reference center Information and supplies Cockatoo owner Cockatoos
Parrot Club Parrot Talk Connection Parrot information, news The Parrot Pages Parrot information Parrot Book Store Information on parrots, book store Hookbill breeders Parrot information Canadian Parrot Symposium Symposium information The Bird Whisperer Breakthrough Taming Techniques Wingwise Avian Health & Care