This article appeared in the Edmonton Sun on Sunday, August 2, 2004.

Comments from Belle

My mom is writing this for me as I cannot write - I chew the pen instead.

I go to the Farmers' Market in the summer when it is warm. I love the attention I get there with all the petting and people telling me I am beautiful (which I know).

At the Fringe this year, we were outside watching a show when someone took a picture of us. A couple days later my mom opened the paper and guess what - there we were, me sitting on my mom's head (my favorite place).

The next day a man came along with a black ball on a stick. I didn't like that, but he talked to my mom and wanted me to say something, but I wouldn't. He was from CBC radio station.

The day after that a man came with a box with a big A on it. He talked to us and took pictures of us. After a while I went on mom's arm and said, "Bye Bye". A couple days later I was on television! I ended the program by saying, "Bye Bye". I'm proud to be in the paper, on radio and TV. What more can a cockatoo ask for?